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Hold my beer, while I kiss your girlfriend.

(Recap from my Calgary Stampede advanture's!!) It's day... I don't even know what day of Stampede it is.

I somehow have managed to blame this on the fact that all the deep fried food I've been eating is likely soaking into my brain and killing brain cells. I also blame this on the fact that I'm staying in an attic for all of stampede and it always appears to be night time in the attic, therefore my days are a little messed up.

Okay, it's not exactly an attic that I'm staying in. I'm staying at my publicists cute apartment downtown Calgary, but just because it's cute, doesn't mean that it's not plus 40 degrees at any given moment in the entire place, or that it has proper lighting, or that it doesn't feel like what I'd assume at attic would feel like. Minus that pink itchy insulation that my attic at home is filled with.

I decided to be a nice person and buy Jen a present for letting me stay for so long. (I also made her dinner every night and gourmet tuna sandwiches for weekend snacks - just sayin')

A fan seemed like a pretty suitable present.

It hasn't been turned off since I bought it, and we sleep with it blowing on our faces at night.

Yes, this is exactly what I imagine an attic to be like.

I had an interview with country sensation Aaron Pritchett today. Country sensation sounds so cliche and a litle corny, but he sings country, and he's a sensation, so.. work with me here.

We made our way to the dirtayy north of Calgary without getting lost and met up with Aaron at the restaurant of the hotel he was staying at - after talking to him, I actually realized that I know his son, Jordan, who's in the band Faber Drive. How I didn't link the last name together before beats me! Small world!

He hooked us up with passes for his show at Nashville North that night (which means we got to skip the 6 hour lineup for the show - Thank you!)

The show was unreal. Great crowd, vibe, and performance. Aaron gave me and Jen shoutouts throughout the show which was pretty rad of him, and then we all hung out for a bit after the show.

Earlier, during the interview, I had asked him 'do you have any hidden talents?' - he couldn't think of anything on the spot, so he said that he'd rack his brain and answer it after the show.

After spending an hour trying to hunt down glass beer bottles for his hidden talent (who would of known there's absolutely no glass allowed at the stampede grounds) we were able to see what his hidden talent really is.. and well, you'll have to watch the video to see what happens. ;)

And then, me and Jen went home to our fan.


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