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and now, you're just somebody that I used to know.


It's midnight, and just now it dawned on me, I want to update my blog AND I want to have a bath.

I'd like to think of myself as the ultimate mutiltasker, and really, I couldn't decide what I wanted to do more, sooo, I'm currently running my bath water, and going to write up a quick blog while I wait. :)

Like the other 500 billion, trillion, million people in the world (Actually, according to google, there's only 6.987 billion people in the world. I was.. close) I also have made a bunch of New Years resolutions that I most likely won't keep.

HOWEVER, one that I really want to, need to, and will follow through with, is realy take care of myself this year. That includes a lot of things - including eating better, and making sure to stay active. Currently, I consider walking down my stairs to get ice cream from my freezer as a workout.. and I mean.. it IS a lot of stairs. Sidenote, I did once justify eating an entire Ben & Jerry's ice cream carton by running on the treadmill while eating it..

Another thing I need to stop doing is eating chocolate before I go to bed.

1.) It's unhealthy.

2.) It gives me the WEIRDEST dreams. Like..riding a lion dressed in a banana suit down the streets of New York city kinda dreams.

Soo, I decided to make a bit of a different video, and update you guys on a couple of fun and 'healthy' things I've found for both your body and mind over the past little bit and include them into this video! 

It also appears that I under estimated the speed of how fast my tub fills up, because it overflowed, and now there's water and bubbles covering my entire bathroom floor. 

On a positive note, I was too lazy to step up into the tub anyways.

Time to go lay on my floor and roll around in bubbles.

Until next time,



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